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SPECIAL PREVIEW! of 'The Insurrection (Jan. 6th, 2021​​​)​​​' 1st 2​+​hrs!

by NCN

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Lyrics (by Trent Reznor): This world rejects me This world threw me away This world never gave me a chance This world's gonna have to pay I don't believe in your institutions I did what you wanted me to I'm like the cancer in your system I've got a little surprise for you Something inside of me has opened up its eyes Why did you put it there? Did you not realize? This thing inside of me it screams the loudest sound Sometimes I think I could Burn I look down from where you're standing Flock of sheep out on display With all your lies propped up around you I can take it all away Something inside of me has opened up its eyes Why did you put it there? Did you not realize? This thing inside of me it screams the loudest sound Sometimes I think I could I'm going to burn this whole world down I never was a part of you (Burn) I never was a part of you (Burn) I never was a part of you (Burn) I never was a part of you (Burn) I never was a part of you (Burn) I never was a part of you (Burn) I never was a part of you (Burn) I never was a part of you (Burn) I am your savior (Burn) I am corruption (Burn) I am the angel (Burn) Of your destruction (Burn) I am subversion (Burn) Secret desire (Burn) I am your future (Burn) Swallowed up in fire



These tracks comprise a sneak preview of our upcoming album, 'The Insurrection (January 6th, 2021​)​' and represents the first two hours of the work. The entire work will be approximately 12 hours long (similar to an audiobook).

This playlist (sans the bonus tracks) is available as all-one-file, in addition to the last hour climax of the program at our archive.org page:

The entire work will be a MetaMedia work of collage and remixed audio work, made up of countless pieces from the media environment at large, some of them from years past long before the events in question took place, but all about the events of January 6th, 2021 and the violent attack that took place on the Capitol building, as instigated by then-President Donald Trump, as well as the aftermath and fallout of this event, both in the media, the culture and in politics.

This project represents the fruit of a year-and-a-half of intense creative work on my part, under the auspice of 'NCN' (my creative project) having to do with this subject matter. As always, you do not have to pay anything to obtain any of this material.

This album is also on SoundCloud. Some tracks of this playlist have been dis-allowed by SoundCloud. A more complete version of this playlist is at our Bandcamp:


Portions of this overall work were adapted and much furtherly developed from some sequences from our January 2021 release 'Agent of Chaos':


If you want to experience the 'First Two Hours' preview, in a slightly fore-shortened version than here (it does not include the last 12 minutes, the last track of this, the definitive version of this preview files available here on Bandcamp, you may do so at our Mixcloud at:


The last HOUR of this promoted and upcoming work is also available on Bandcamp:


And at SoundCloud:



Disclaimer: This program is not for sale and is not meant for sale and never will be for sale. It is meant to be listened to, and taken, as a whole work. All derived material used herein is accredited (as best we can), transformed and used fairly, NOT for the purpose of profit, but rather for self-expression, creative therapy, and the cultural enrichment and education of the public at large. A prerequisite monetary fee is NOT required to download or stream this program. Any proceeds collected through this page are therefore considered to be gratuities or donations given in appreciation for this work and/or the creative effort behind it, or to help support the expenses of that creative effort.

It should be noted that this album does not represent literal and factual truth about that day, nor do any of the tracks representing the event in this work, but are meant mostly to convey the feeling of the thing and how it FELT that day and we, like most of the country, got that third hand. We were not there.

Nevertheless, it was scary AF.

The goal of the project is in part journalistic, documentative and research-oriented, but it also largely artistic in its intent and execution.

Therefore, some of the events depicted may be, in addition to being (obviously) editorialized and remixed, may also be out of sequence to how they actually occured and anachronistic samples may be used for effect.

Overall, this work can be considered a dramatic interpretation of the events it describes. Please do not hesitate to do your own research if you have any doubts as to the facts of this case.

As always: Copy what you want. Use it as you wish.


Accreditations of note in this piece:

J-L Cauvin's Trump impersonation channel at Youtube is here:


The excerpted Twilight Zone episode is titled 'He's Alive!' and will be further referenced in the album that this track is a part of, later on. For more information on this Twilight Zone episode see:


Various adapted, parodied, remixed and mashed up tracks from the Progressive, psychedelic 70's band (now defunct) Pink Floyd and in particular, their seminal, iconic 1979 double-album rock opera hit 'The Wall' to find out more about this work go here:


An interview with the late avante-garde musician and rock music legend Frank Zappa is excerpted in this work, as well as part of his song, 'Trouble Every Day' to find out more about him go to:


The song 'All Along the Watchtower' is a 1967 song by Bob Dylan and variations of this song are used as a leitmotif throughout this overall NCN work. For more information on this song go to:


The song 'Burn' by Nine Inch Nails is a 1994 release used as a retro-referential cultural touchstone in this work as it almost perfectly seems to describe, in form and in content, the state of mind of Donald Trump during this nationally traumatic event. We leave it up to the listener to evaluate. If you want to learn more about the original version of this song, go to:


Produced news material from NowThis News and VICE News, created very soon after the events described in the last 12 minutes of 'The First 2 Hours' preview track are used in that section. Here are the Youtube pages of those two outlets respectively:



The Dark Knight was a 2008 film by director Christopher Nolan and starred the late actor Heath Ledger as the character of the joker. Like Trump, he can be described as 'an insane criminal clown with no plan but to spread chaos as much as possible'. For more on this classic film go to:




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We seek to help listeners better understand and make sense of issues covered in the media DIN that we are all subjected to and also to hopefully make them aware of certain music and other worthwhile artists that they would otherwise never be aware of or come across.

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released July 1, 2022

See the 'about this album' field above.




The National Cynical Network San Jose, California

The National Cynical Network (NCN) is a long-running, SF Bay Area alternate programming media remix project. It originally consisted of a trio of SF Bay-Area based radio collage artists: Phineas Narco, Ronald Redball and Alexander T. Newport. NCN seeks to play *with* music , using sound, and video media samples in the process of media collage or 'mediage'. ... more

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