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Deconstructing Madness: The Mental Disorders Show

by NCN

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A Story of Two Birds (free) 02:23
ADHD Part 1 03:48
On my meds again I really need to get on my meds again My manic spells are losing me all of my friends and I can't wait to get on my meds again On my meds again I've been places that I've never been Gotta take my Zyprexa, and my Klonopin I can't wait to get on my meds again On my meds again Cuz when I go off them I go down the highway I'm at odds and ends with strangers I think should be going my way and they all say On your meds again You really need to get on your meds again Maybe when you do we can make some amends Get on your meds again (pill bottle maraca musical interlude) (repeat third verse) On your meds again Gotta stop smokin' that brown Mexican... Maybe when you do we can just start again But for right now, get on your meds again
Prognosis 03:46
Anxiety 04:13
if i wonder what i want to do what I want to do is wonder if I don't get up and over it I will wind up 6 feet under I can think about my feelings and I can feel the things I think but if I don't get up and get down to it things begin to stink to pull oneself up by the straps that others may provide is fine, but just don't over do it keep it half the time a poet needs someone to write for it would seem 'cause if he write just for himself the world becomes a dream
Deep Freeze 05:23
ADHD Part 2 05:14
The monkeys are asleep today I saw them down on fifth street bumming cigarettes and staring at the cracks there in the floor The monkeys are asleep today they're sending out their resumes auditioning for plays we've seen a thousand times before The monkeys are asleep today I see them laughing nervously their bare-faced painted smiles they just don't cut it anymore The monkeys are asleep today They're trying to walk upright but the lives upon their backs won't let them quite fit through the door The monkeys are asleep today they're getting laid in restroom stalls their backs are up against the walls with nothing in their hands The monkeys are asleep today they're crawling in the sidewalk cracks they're much too tired for fighting back they fill the shopping malls The monkeys are asleep today they're sitting in their cubicles I saw them crossing Market Street with briefcases in tow The monkeys are asleep today they're getting stuck in traffic jams they haven't figured out quite yet they've got nowhere to go.
NCN ID 00:23
We like you, be our friends forever
NervousMan 04:53
Written by Phineas Narco
Dr. Laurinatrix 4 (free) 02:21
No Exit 01:40
'What's wrong with me?'
I got 10 million reasons why I don't want to change It's the seasons of the mind that have made me strange I think I'd like to fit in with the 'out' crowd, today But tomorrow, I can't be an ant, and who cares anyway? My name is to blame for my mind going faster And I think, and I blink away a major disaster I walk down the street, wide-eyed and wrinkled my brain's like a blotter, with holy water sprinkled I'm' not good at doing things that I don't want to do There's someone who can save me, but I don't know who.
NCN ID 00:29
Flowin' Joes 03:33
ADHD Part 4 04:31
'Jello' lyrics: Ain't got no teeth but I need something to chew So guess what I did do I had some jello I had some gum some soup and pudding too But I'm just someone who Likes to eat jello I ate so much my belly started to hurt I threw up on my shirt and it was all jello I love to pierce the chewy skin on top it's fun to poke it and to make it pop do you know, you know I love it so I love my jello so I went to see the Dead Kennedys the singer happened to be named Jello Went to see the women's wrestling and they were wrestling in jello Later that night, the waiter said to me 'maybe you'd like to try some raspberry' I said, 'no thanks, I'll have the strawberry' But he just looked at me I went to sleep my stomach full of goo And then I woke up to more jello I have it for my lunch and dinner too Oh nothin else will do
ADHD Part 5 04:06
NCN Sign Off 00:07


This is a 'double-album' length collage / mix / program that deals with the subjects of mental illness, labeling, psychiatric medications, their legitimacy, ADHD, and recovery through transformation.

If you wish to donate to our ministry you can go to nationalcynical.com/donate or become a patreon at patreon.com/nationalcynical or consider entering in a dollar amount for this program which goes back into the project.

All derived material in this program is used fairly, accredited, and transformed (remixed / fragmented / re-contextualized / re-worked) for the purpose of education, cultural reference, and to artistically capture the cultural conversation about the subject matter during the time of this program's creation.

This researched program is the result of an artistic and creative process, which can be documented, and is meant to be heard, and taken in its entirety. Payment is not a prerequisite fee in exchange for content in order to get this package but is considered a voluntary donation toward supporting the creative work and expense behind the program.

Thank you for listening, and thank you for your support.


released February 4, 2011

Phineas Narco; The National Cynical Network; Ronald Redball; Don Joyce of Negativland; Judy from Texas




The National Cynical Network San Jose, California

The National Cynical Network (NCN) is a long-running, SF Bay Area alternate programming media remix project. It originally consisted of a trio of SF Bay-Area based radio collage artists: Phineas Narco, Ronald Redball and Alexander T. Newport. NCN seeks to play *with* music , using sound, and video media samples in the process of media collage or 'mediage'. ... more

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