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You're Fired!

by NCN

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    Includes, as a hidden bonus 5th track, when you get the album download, the piece 'Donald Trump's Farewell Speech' by comedian J-L Cauvin which was released on Inauguration Day, 2021.
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Note--As of 12.22.2021, Track 3 of this program has been replaced. The 'Hit the Road' medley in that track has been replaced with an improved version.

On January 20th, 2021, we woke up to good news. We had to put this together very quickly to get this out in a timely fashion. We put this together through happy tears. It is our Inauguration Day gift to America and to the world.

Thank "God" thank Buddah thank Krishna thank "Bob" thank Vishnu thank karma thank all and thank everything that is good and holy in this world for this happy day. A day we have been working for and waiting for, for over 4 years. As well as all the artists represented in this collection. WE KEPT THE RIDICULE FLOWING! And undermined the legitimacy of the TOTAL AUTHORITY that they so malevolently wished to install in our country. FUCK THEM and those like them who we must be eternally vigilant against! Today begins the work of undoing the damage that they have caused.

This is a unique collection, put together by NCN, which mostly consists of comedic songs which are Trump-specific and many of them (in Track 4) are related to the Inauguration Day of 2021. It also has some relevant collages and mash-ups put together by NCN.

We are in the process of putting all of the credits for this program. If you have any questions as to sources, feel free to contact us through Bandcamp.

On a personal note I would like to add:

Fuck Donald Trump and fuck everything that he ever stood for. Goddamn him and his twisted, idiotic legacy all to hell.

"Pride goeth before a fall" --Proverbs, 16:18

Thank you.


Technical Notes:

The audio player on the landing page for this program is cued to Track 3 and not the actual beginning of the program.

For the overall intended effect of this work, NCN recommends listening to it, from start to finish (not necessarily all in one sitting) in a comfortable and restful setting, using good headphones.

Many of the audio source files used in the creation of this MetaMedia collage mix were of 'lossless' or CD level quality.

For this reason, and for the ideal listening experience, we recommend downloading and listening to this via 'lossless format' files (.flac or .wav) in order to preserve this fidelity.


All derived material in this program has been transformed and is for the purpose of cultural reference and commentary and is therefore allowed under the terms of FAIR USE under the U.S. copyright law. This program is not for profit and a fee is not required as a prerequisite to hear or obtain it.

The National Cynical Network actually operates below the poverty level threshold. If you value this programming and would like to see it continue, you may support the work and expense behind it by making a one time donation through Paypal (major credit cards accepted) at nationalcynical.com/donate or by becoming a patron of NCN for as little as $1 per month at: patreon.com/nationalcynical.

Similarly any voluntary proceeds made from this page are considered to be either tokens of appreciation or donations made toward the expense and work of the NCN project.

Thank you for your support and thank you to all NCN Patrons for their help!


released January 21, 2021

Many, will add later




The National Cynical Network San Jose, California

The National Cynical Network (NCN) is a long-running, SF Bay Area alternate programming media remix project. It originally consisted of a trio of SF Bay-Area based radio collage artists: Phineas Narco, Ronald Redball and Alexander T. Newport. NCN seeks to play *with* music , using sound, and video media samples in the process of media collage or 'mediage'. ... more

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